WESTON - Authorities have identified the remains of a missing husband and wife and charged their son and his girlfriend in their deaths.

Police have accused Kyle Navin of shooting his mother, Jeanette Navin, in the passenger seat of his car. They say Kyle likely killed his father, Jeffrey Navin, in his Bridgeport basement on Aug. 4.

According to the arrest warrant, Kyle Navin had a strained relationship with his parents. Police say Jeffrey Navin had a history of being emotionally and verbally abusive toward him.

Police confirm officers found the couples' remains Thursday afternoon at a home on Norfield Road in Weston.

The warrant says property owner Tom Kerrigan was using a machine to clear brush when he uncovered decomposing bones hidden under a leaf-covered tarp.

The warrant says that Kyle Navin was once acquainted with Kerrigan's son.

Police say that they recovered a "projectile" from the pelvis area of Jeffrey Navin's remains, which were reportedly bound at the feet with three-inch painter's tape. The exact cause and manner of his death is still under investigation.

The warrant also says that Jeanette Navin's remains contained a bullet in the chest.

Police have had Navin in custody for weeks on unrelated federal gun charges stemming from a search of his home.

Police say that text messages between Navin and his girlfriend, Jennifer Valiante, suggest that they conspired to murder the couple for financial gain.

In one text message, Navin appears to tell his girlfriend that killing his parents could net "hundreds of thousands" of dollars to buy himself a new engine and her a new car and vacations.

The arrest warrant also says both Navin and his girlfriend have a history of substance abuse, and that Navin owed his parents $133,000.

Kyle Navin is charged with murder and held on $2.5 million bond. Valiante, of Bridgeport, is charged with conspiracy to commit murder and is due in court on Monday. A judge ordered her held on $2 million bail.