GREENWICH - Some Greenwich parents are worried sending their children to Hamilton Avenue School after mold was reportedly spotted in the school?s basement.

School officials say there is no indication of mold, but a consultant has been hired to check out the situation.

The panic began after a parent told the Greenwich Post that mold was found growing in the basement.

The Greenwich School Board sent an e-mail to parents Wednesday regarding water damage and the possibility of mold growth. According to the school board, the alleged mold may turn out to be flaky green paint.

Hamilton Avenue School has been through a process like this before. According to the faculty, this is the third time children have had to deal with a moldy building.

?This scares me,? says former teacher?s aide Gigi Shanes-Hernandez. ?The kids have endured enough in the last two buildings. It's just not fair, it's putting them at great risk again and it's got to stop.?

The school, which does not open until October due to construction delays, will not have results on the mold until next week.