STAMFORD - News 12 Connecticut today got an exclusive look at a fawn that a Stamford rescue group says was brought to them hog-tied from a Greenwich estate.

The fawn is now being rehabilitated at the Wildlife Line.

Debbie Corcione, who runs the rescue group, says she's not sure if the fawn will ever be able to be released into the wild, and she's not sure the fawn will survive.

According to Corcione, the woman who rescued the deer says workers on a Greenwich estate chased the fawn into the water, hog-tied her and planned to beat her with a shovel.

The Department of Environmental Protection says it could not substantiate charges of animal cruelty and that the witnesses who were interviewed stated the fawn was already injured.

Workers at Wildlife Line say they are not satisfied with the DEP's response and that they are going to ask the case be re-investigated.