STAMFORD - While Republican presidential front-runner Donald Trump continues to defend his controversial call for a ban on Muslim visas, a coalition of religious groups in Stamford wants to remove his name from the Trump Parc building downtown.

Trump helped break ground on the 34-story luxury condo tower in 2007. It opened in 2009 and houses a number of units worth more than $1 million.

The building's developer, FD Rich Company, had entered a licensing agreement with Trump to use his name. A letter was recently sent to the company asking that it remove his name.

Hearst Media reports that Gov. Dannel Malloy has called on Trump to waive financial penalties for developers who remove his name from their buildings. Residents say they wouldn't be surprised if they choose to take that course of action.

The developer says the decision to keep Trump's name or not lies with the condo's board of directors.