REDDING - Some Redding residents are circulating a petition against the state Department of Transportation's plan to install a traffic light at the three-way intersection of routes 107 and 53.

Critics say the traffic light isn't necessary, is a waste of federal stimulus money and will ruin the rural scenery in the area. A state DOT representative told News 12 Connecticut that, after conducting a lengthy traffic study of the area, the DOT determined there was a safety issue at the intersection that a light would alleviate.

The DOT says the stop signs currently in the intersection do little to help the flow of traffic during the morning rush hour. Redding Police Chief Douglas Fuchs says he's received numerous complaints about unsafe conditions at the intersection over the last few years.

"That road has many double-blind curves and the traffic does back up in the morning as you're approaching the intersection at Route 107, sometimes all the way to the top of the hill," Fuchs says.

Cindy Bakanas, of Redding, says the flow of traffic is smooth and a light would cause cars to back up. Bakanas believes several hundred residents will sign the petition.