NORWALK - About 50 residents held a meeting Thursday evening to discuss their displeasure about a halfway house in Norwalk for prisoners returning to the community.

The home is located at 17 Quintard Ave., and the meeting was held next door.

For decades, the location was home to Pivot House, a facility for men trying to recover from substance abuse. News 12 is told it used to house six people, but neighbors said the new owners renovated the building to accommodate as many as 20.

Some people who live in the area say they're not happy to hear about the change.

"The kids are getting scared to be outside. And the bus brings them right there," said resident Sandy Schmitt.

At the meeting, Norwalk Mayor Harry Rilling said Firetree, the Pennsylvania company that operates the house, does not have a certificate of occupancy, meaning it cannot operate. State Senate Majority Leader Bob Duff added that halfway houses are not allowed in the zone.

News 12 reached out to Firetree, but has not yet heard back. According to Firetree's website, all referrals to the home would be age 18 and older -- and referred from the Federal Bureau of Prisons.