BRIDGEPORT - Residents of Success Village in Bridgeport voiced their disapproval about various health and safety problems they say exist in their apartments at a meeting Tuesday.

Residents say they have complained to the property manager about asbestos problems, lack of heating during the winter, mold, and water leaking. The residents say they have been dealing with these issues for months, and some even say it's been years. They say the property manager has failed to address their concerns.

Property manager David Paniccia says concerns are addressed when they are received. He says residents, however, must also do their part to maintain the apartments. Paniccia says residents have a responsibility to report their problems promptly to the property manager.

Mayor Bill Finch spoke to the residents at the meeting. He said he could not offer much of a solution, but did advise them that they could seek legal assistance so that Connecticut housing laws are applied fairly.