RIDGEFIELD - Hundreds of Ridgefield residents have signed an online petition in support of a particular food truck operator.

Ridgefield is known as a holiday destination for visitors, and its restaurant scene is a large part of that.

The town has placed a moratorium on all food trucks, but the fight is centered around one specifically.

Hundreds are rallying behind Mark McManus, the owner of Only the Hungry.

McManus has a vendor permit. He tells News 12 that when he went to set up in a local parking lot, Ridgefield selectmen told him he had to move.

There is a one-year ban on new food trucks while leaders say they are figuring out how to protect traditional restaurants in the area.

"The food trucks introduce a whole different variable for us and we definitely want to take a look at it," says Rudy Marconi, Ridgefield first selectman.

More than 600 Ridgefield residents have signed the online petition demanding the town to let McManus return to his spot.

Many southwestern Connecticut towns are now looking at specific laws for foods trucks.

Selectmen say McManus can open somewhere else, as long as they approve the new location first.