WESTPORT - Residents in Westport say CL&P has been lying to them for years, and now they want the utility to pay up.

Neighbors along Lincoln Street say a CL&P upgrade is taking longer than expected and is causing many headaches in the community.

Crews were in the area Friday morning to patch up a hole on Riverside Avenue. Neighbors say the pavement caved in, and they blame CL&P for the mess. They say the power company has been lying to them since 2003.

Some residents maintain CL&P claimed an improvement project would inconvenience them for two weeks. However, neighbors say it?s been two years.

A CL&P spokesperson admits the company miscalculated

The company has offered neighbors a free month of electricity, but many residents say that's not enough.

Residents are now seeking monetary damages from CL&P for the inconvenience. CL&P spokesman Frank Piro says there is no timeline as to when or even if neighbors will get monetary compensation.

Westportresidents hit breaking point with CL&P project