BRIDGEPORT - There is new hope for five school resource officer positions in Bridgeport that were cut in June.

As News 12 reported, the Board of Education cut funding for the jobs, but Mayor Joe Ganim says they must be restored.

School board member Maria Pereira says it's up to the city to pay for those positions. Pereira says the city can't tell the school board how to spend money in its budget.

Ganim says it's the school board that is responsible for paying for those positions.

He says the school board should have to pay for the positions because of an agreement stating the school resource officers would not get pay raises.

He also says because of that agreement, the board is saving $600,000.

School board President Dennis Bradley says that regardless of who pays for the positions, it's essential that they're not cut.

Bradley believes a resolution will be made in the coming weeks.