STAMFORD - The third annual "Winter Restaurant Week" has created a buzz around 16 businesses in Stamford, as customers have been taking advantage of lower menu prices.

One business benefiting from the larger turnout of customers is Columbus Park Trattoria. Owner Michael Marchetti says that the restaurant typically sells 50 dinners per night, but explains that the event has helped bring more people to the tables.

"Over the last two weeks that has gone up to about 70 people," Marchetti says. "On weekends we do an average of about 90 people in those two weeks."

Stamford Downtown President Sandy Goldstein says that she is not surprised by the large turnout of customers in the area despite the difficult economic times.

"This year in particular people want to take advantage of ? barings, discounts, etc.," Goldstein says. "So it was, it's like a perfect storm. You're giving the customer something they want."

Some restaurants say that because of the large turnout, they may extend restaurant week discounts another few weeks.