BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport school bus monitors are breathing a big sigh of relief this evening after school officials say they reversed a decision to eliminate some of their jobs.

School officials at Columbus Elementary School on George Street say a local activist convinced them not to cut those positions.

The Rev. Gerry Claytor is the founder of Feed the People Food Pantry, which serves the residents of the PT Barnum community. Seven of those residents work as bus monitors. Their positions were established after Claytor lobbied the board of education to create them.

School officials say they had planned to cut the bus monitors to save money. Claytor says she was shocked when she got the news Thursday night.

However, school officials say they reversed their decision on Friday after they were contacted by Claytor.

Claytor says Christmas came early this year and it is better to give than to receive. Still, she says her work won't really be done until she fills her food pantry in time for the holidays.