STAMFORD - After months of controversy, Stamford?s Board of Education decided to close the Rogers Magnet School Tuesday night.

The board considered several different schools and had the list narrowed down to two by Tuesday. Rogers Magnet and Toquam Elementary School remained on the chopping block.

The redistricting plan calls for closing down the Rogers Magnet building and moving the program into a new inter-district magnet school set to open next year.

School Board President Richard Freedman was one of three board members who voted against moving the Rogers program to the new magnet school.

?What they want is not what's best for the entire city,? Freedman says. ?What's best for the entire city is for every child in the city to at least have the chance to attend this beautiful new school with its wonderful program.?

Rogers Magnet will close in a year, when the new magnet school opens.