STAMFORD - The new Stamford headquarters of the Royal Bank of Scotland, which is scheduled to open in 2009, will be housed in the largest eco-friendly building in the state.

The future RBS building will include 12 stories, a 95,000 square foot trading floor and a one-acre roof garden to service its 3,000 employees.

The architect of the project, Roger Ferris, says as a Connecticut native, it was important for him to make the building a "good neighbor."

The $500 million structure will get 70 percent of its energy from green sources like solar and wind power, while large windows will cut down energy use.

?Because of the narrowness of the floor plate, we get natural lighting that throws itself all the way through, where [you] don't have to artificially light the building all day,? Ferris says.

According to RBS officials, the new headquarters is expected to be completed by early next year.