WILTON - Amid the firestorm of criticism that's been directed against AIG over corporate bonuses, there are some distressing rumors swirling about the future of the company's operation in Wilton.

An AIG spokesman says the company is continuing to wind down some of its financial products operations in order to its reduce risks, and rumors have surfaced that AIG could be leaving Wilton.

While the spokesman says that it's premature to speculate on the possible closure of the Wilton office, local business experts say they would not be upset to see them go.

"This is ground zero for a huge fiscal mess and there's a consequence for that," Joe McGee, of the Business Council of Fairfield County, says.

If the Wilton operation is closed, it would result in the loss of 432 jobs. Although McGee says the loss of jobs would hurt the economy, he believes losing the stigma of AIG could ultimately be beneficial.

"This isn't how you build [an] economy, around this kind of fiscal mismanagement," McGee says. "You just don't do this."