STAMFORD - Rumors began swirling again today that UBS may be moving its U.S. headquarters out of Stamford.

The company's offices and trading floor have resided on Washington Boulevard for more than 10 years. A spokesman for the investment bank says no decisions have been made, and the reported move to lower Manhattan is only speculation.

A UBS representative says the company's Stamford lease is up in 2015. "We routinely evaluate our space allocation as these leases expire and/or space becomes available," she says. "Movement of personnel is a constant in any active business."

Stamford Mayor Michael Pavia says he plans on reaching out to UBS to see what, if anything, the city needs to do to retain the company.

The news came with the arrival of Starwood Hotels? corporate headquarters in the city. As one of the world's largest hotel and resort chains, Starwood is expected to bring 800 employees when it relocates from White Plains.