NORWALK - South Norwalk residents spoke out at a meeting Tuesday night about homelessness and loitering in their neighborhood, something they call an escalating problem.

The meeting held at South Norwalk Library drew residents who say they?re concerned about the safety of their neighborhoods.

?Three or four o'clock in the morning our dog is barking, because it caught people sleeping, having sex back there, getting high back there, seen people with needles shooting up back there, smoking crack,? Sabrina Myers, of Waterbury, says. Myers is referring to her parent?s house, which is near the Norwalk Emergency Center.

Councilwoman Rev. Phyllis Bolden admits loitering is a growing problem that can?t be ignored. She also says Norwalk isn?t the only trouble spot. More needs to be done to help the area homeless, Bolden says.

?As a minister, I can't just look at people and say ?oh just get away from here,?? she says.

Bolden says she hopes to have another meeting in the next few weeks to discuss possible solutions to the problem.