NORWALK - Crisis pregnancy centers and hospitals around Connecticut are hoping to raise awareness about the state?s Safe Haven for Newborns Act, which provides parents a safe way to voluntarily give up custody of their newborns.

The act says parents can drop off babies younger than 30 days old at local hospital emergency rooms, where nurses will take the babies in and make sure they are properly cared for.

Dr. Michael Carius of Norwalk Hospital says the option is underused and could prevent the neglect, abuse and even murder of newborns. Carius says babies can be dropped off anonymously.

According to Carius, parents can change their minds and keep custody of their babies. In those cases, hospitals and crisis centers offer many forms of support to help families care for the newborns.

Sal Costantino, the chairman of Birthright of Stamford, says there is always help available for mothers and mothers-to-be.