BRIDGEPORT - Bridgeport police and city officials said Wednesday that they are looking for ways to improve security in the Trumbull Gardens public housing complex after two shootings this week.

Police say someone fired shots near Terrace Circle and Trumbull Avenue late Monday afternoon. They say shots were also fired Tuesday afternoon at the housing complex.

No one was hurt in either incident.

Officials say they have set up security cameras and increased police patrols in the area. Residents say what they need is a 24/7 police presence, something that they say they currently lack.

A command center was also set up by police as a way to show their presence in the neighborhood, but some residents say that isn't enough.

Residents say they would like to see a nearby police substation used more often.

A city official says the idea of setting up around-the-clock police substations has been discussed, but there are no definite plans in place.

Residents say they will be holding a meeting Thursday to discuss several issues in the community, including gun violence and their request for around-the-clock police presence.