WILTON - High schoolers asking for more sleep in the morning may soon get their wish as Greenwich looks to potentially push back the daily start time of classes.

In Wilton, high school students have been starting class an hour later, at 8:20 a.m., for the past 13 years. Principal Dr. Robert O'Donnell says Wilton was a pioneer when it made the switch, and it has been a success ever since.

Studies have shown that teens have trouble going to sleep early because of hormonal changes. Researchers suggest that less sleep means slower performance.

A Norwalk Hospital study found that Wilton students got 35 more minutes of sleep each night.

Greenwich is now poised to make the move, although a consultant says changes in bus routes could cost more than $800,000. After-school sports practices could also be shortened, but that has not been a major issue in Wilton.

Ridgefield schools are also looking at later start times. As for Greenwich, the school board there is expected to decide on the change Thursday night.