STAMFORD - School officials say a Stamford student will now be allowed to walk at her high school graduation ceremony, reversing a decision that would have barred her on a technicality.

Jessica Alarcon, 18, was a student at the Academy of Information Technology and Engineering. She finished high school early and decided to take college courses. Alarcon says that she intended to walk in her high school graduation ceremony with the rest of her classmates, but the school originally said she wasnat allowed because she was no longer considered a student.

"I want to have a great time with everyone and I want to be able to walk and throw my cap up with everyone else," said Alarcon.

Alarcon says that she has taken enough college courses to earn her an associate's degree, but in order to get it, she was told that she had to graduate high school early and sign a form giving up her right to be part of graduation.

In response to her situation, Alarcon created a petition that acquired more than 400 signatures from students and teachers.

A spokesperson from the school tells News 12 Connecticut that the decision has been reversed and Alarcon will now be able to walk at the ceremony.