STAMFORD - Stamford police are searching for an armed suspect this evening who they believe robbed the same Dunkin Donuts twice in one week. Police say the Dunkin Donuts on East Main Street was hit Sunday morning and then again yesterday when a man walked into the store wearing gloves and a dark mask. They say they are trying to enhance video surveillance footage to see if the gunman made a repeat appearance. "From the description and the way the person carries their body, it looks like it could be the same person," says Stamford Police Lt. Diedrich Hohn. "We're looking at all angles. It could be multiple people, but it's a black male." The Dunkin Donuts manager says police increased patrols around the store after the second robbery. Police say there was another armed robbery the previous Friday at a bodega on Lockwood Avenue, and that the gunman was reportedly wearing a similar mask.

2 Stamford robberies may be linked