BRIDGEPORT - For the second day in a row, flames engulfed a vacant building in the Remington Arms complex in Bridgeport.

The two-alarm fire Sunday started in the vacant warehouse, which produced carbide cutting products almost 20 years ago.

Six Bridgeport fire trucks rushed to the scene and 38 firefighters attacked the flames from the ground, from the air and even from inside the building, before it was deemed too dangerous to continue. The roof eventually collapsed, but Assistant Fire Chief Dominick Carfi says no firefighters were injured. It took firefighters about an hour to put the flames out.

Officers say squatters are often found inside the vacant buildings.

?They sometimes frequent structures to stay out of weather, but also have a tendency to steal some of the copper wiring and they can set some fires to burn the insulation off them,? Carfi says. ?Sometimes those fires get out of control.?

The cause of the fire is still under investigation.