NORWALK - Police are investigating another shooting in Norwalk, this one on Glasser Street and Soundview Avenue.

They say its the second one in the area in the past two days.

Investigators say the victim is a 22-year-old man, and he told them he was just walking in the area with his girlfriend when he was suddenly shot in the knee.

Police say friends drove him to Norwalk Hospital where he is now recovering.

But police believe there may be more to the story than the victim is revealing.

Sources close to the investigation tell News 12 Connecticut that the friend who transported the victim to the hospital is the same man who was shot yesterday while sitting in the back of a Norwalk taxi as it drove near Austin Street and Ely Avenue.

That location is less than a half a mile from this morning's incident.

Police would not officially confirm a connection between the two shootings.

Police say the victim of this morning's shooting is not fully cooperating with their investigation, so they need the public's help solving this crime.