NORWALK - The Secret Service has apologized for the way they treated children with cancer and their supporters during a candlelight vigil Saturday in Washington, D.C.

More than 700 people from all over the world gathered in front of the White House for CureFest, an event to raise awareness about childhood cancer.

Despite having a permit to meet in Lafayette Square, the crowd was still not allowed to enter.

"This is an event they know is happening. This is something we have a permit for, so to do that to this community really felt like it was done with not the best intentions," says Edith Targonski, a Stamford resident and CureFest attendee.

After waiting for a few hours, many attendees went home.  Some of those attendees were cancer patients, tired after a long day of traveling and saddened the day did not turn out the way they expected.

"My friend who came from Connecticut had to go back to the hotel with others because he's not feeling so well," says Targonski's daughter Grace, "He was tired from traveling and everything."

On Monday, the Secret Service released a statement apologizing for the confusion over the weekend.

Targonski says she is still upset. "Everyone was disappointed about how the Secret Service handled everything," says Targonski.

CureFest organizers say they are considering redoing the candlelight vigil in October.