BRIDGEPORT - Security is heightened at Bridgeport Hospital after authorities say a caller threatened to return to the hospital with a gun.

The female caller made the threats during two phone calls around 2:30 p.m. Thursday. The nurse who answered the phone handed it over to a police officer, who was at the hospital for an unrelated reason.

Police say the caller, who expressed disappointment with the level of care she had received at the hospital, kept threatening to return with a gun. The officer said the caller sounded as though she was under the influence.

Hospital administrators say everybody who enters the hospital is being stopped and questioned. Still, administrators say they want the facility to operate as usual.

Bridgeport Police Department Chief A.J. Perez stresses that in this day and age, all threats must be taken seriously. The location of the caller remains unknown.

Police believe that the incident is unrelated to other recent cases during which callers made threats against Connecticut hospitals over the phone.