GREENWICH - Sen. Richard Blumenthal is calling for better safety rules on cruise ships.

Blumenthal is proposing the Cruise Passenger Protection Act. The proposal comes almost 10 years after 26-year-old Greenwich resident George Smith disappeared from a Royal Caribbean ship.

The FBI closed Smith's case six months ago, but his family says they are still desperate for answers.

"It has taken a tremendous toll on our family both emotionally and financially," says Smith's mother, Maureen. "We refuse to give up until justice is served for my son. We will never be silenced."

Family members say Smith was thrown overboard while on his honeymoon.

The proposed bill would mandate that cruise ships install safety technology that would detect if a person goes overboard and then trigger a camera to start capturing video of it.

Sen. Blumenthal says the bill would also create better protections for passengers and improve medical standards on board.