NORWALK - Sen. Richard Blumenthal is demanding answers about why a lifesaving drug is skyrocketing in price.

The price of EpiPen injectors used for severe allergic reactions has jumped more than 400 percent in the last few years. 

Sen. Blumenthal is joining families and doctors to urge the company that makes EpiPen to immediately drop the price.

The price has gone up from $40 a few years ago to about $600 today.

Mylan, the company that makes the device, hasn't explained the price spike.

Parents are now noticing the price hike because higher insurance deductibles are leaving them to foot more of the bill.

Sen. Blumenthal, who says he has been flooded with complaints from parents, believes it's simply price gouging.

Mylan says it offers many parents $100 coupons, and it offers the drug free to some schools.