BRIDGEPORT - Sen. Richard Blumenthal says he will examine ways to make Connecticut schools safer after a female student from Jonathan Law High School was fatally stabbed by another student Friday morning.

Blumenthal made the comments while visiting Fairchild Wheeler Magnate High School in Bridgeport Saturday. He says the issue of school safety needs to include a closer look at many topics ranging from drugs and mental illness to bullying and intimidation.

The senator told News 12 he was shocked to learn about the teen's death.

"Making schools safer should be a mission and we know that violence occurs in ours schools, unfortunately and tragically," said Blumenthal. "If there's anything we can do to make them safer, I say as a parent as well as a public official, we need to do it and resolve to do it in her name."

Blumenthal says identifying early warning signs of violence in students may be key to preventing future tragedies.