BRIDGEPORT - Shelters in Bridgeport are keeping their doors open past their usual hours Saturday to give people who need to stay warm a place to go.

Officials at the Bridgeport Rescue Mission say they will be providing a warm place to stay as well as food as temperatures drop throughout the day.

Executive Director Terry Wilcox says that due to the extreme cold, he allowed the homeless to stay during the day, when the shelter is usually off-limits to them.

"As difficult as the cold is for most of us to deal with, it's many times more difficult when you're homeless, when you're on the street," Wilcox says.

Wilcox also met with Mayor Joe Ganim and explained how no tax dollars are spent on any of the Mission's programs.

Volunteer Angel Figeroea hit the streets to find people in need of shelter. Figeroea gave coffee to those who needed it and informed them of where they could go to escape the bitterly cold temperatures.