SHELTON - A man from Shelton won a nationwide contest for a new home in Florida.

David Rennie says he was at church with his family on Palm Sunday when an HGTV crew ambushed him with the big news that he had won their Dream Home Giveaway.

HGTV says Rennie's name was chosen out of 127 million entries, winning him a home in Merrit Island, Florida, a boat, a car and $250,000 cash.

Rennie says he entered the contest two times every day and thought he had used up his good luck after receiving a critical organ transplant.

"A year ago I got a new kidney and the strange part was the drawing for this was also the first week of March," he says.

Rennie says he and his family plan to go see their new home next month. He says they are not sure if they are going to keep it.