BRIDGEPORT - A string of overnight shootings Friday in Bridgeport left six people injured and many residents concerned about increasing gang activity.

According to police reports, an informant told officers that rival gang members were planning a shootout at a Bridgeport church Friday where a dance was being held. Despite police manning a security check at the church, a shooting incident took place in the basement.

On Howard Avenue, a 16-year-old boy was shot, followed by a shooting on the corner of Boston and Palisade avenues. A final shooting took place on Stratford Avenue, where police say bullets hit a 23-year-old woman in both legs.

Police say a total of six people were injured in the shootings, but none of the victims appear to have life-threatening injuries.

According to officials, Markis Campell, 19, a known gang member, has been arrested. Detectives are now interviewing witnesses, but say many have been uncooperative. However, they expect to make more arrests in the next few days.