STRATFORD - The federal government shutdown is about to hit home for Sikorsky Aircraft employees.

The Stratford-based company says it will have to furlough 2,000 workers starting Monday if lawmakers can't agree on a deal.

Sikorsky officials say if the government stays shut down through next week, an additional 1,000 workers will also need to be furloughed.

They say it is because there are no government workers to inspect the parts.

Leaders ofthe Teamsters Local 1155 union have a general idea of what positions would be furloughed, but the company has yet to announce details.

Some workers lay the blame on House Republicans who won't vote to fund the government without concessions from Democrats and the president.

The furloughs would affect employees in Stratford as well as Florida and Alabama.

Sikorsky's parent company United Technologies says 5,000 or more furloughs could be put in effect companywide, depending on how long the government shutdown continues.

The company released a statement saying, "The inability of Congress and the White House to reach a federal budget agreement and end the government shutdown has severely impacted and in some areas completely stopped Sikorsky's ability to manufacture and support helicopters used by all branches of the United States military."