STRATFORD - Sikorsky Aircraft paid tribute Friday to a 14-year-old who died last month after being struck by a public works vehicle.

Carlos Prada, an eighth-grader at Flood Middle School, was working on a project at school for a contest held by Sikorsky Aircraft challenging students to design a helicopter out of recycled materials.

The school's principal says Prada, who died on April 28, brought in a helicopter he built for the contest to work on with his peers. Following his death, classmates decided it wouldn't be fair to use the project the teen had been so zealous about.

At an awards ceremony for other students, Sikorsky Aircraft placed Prada's helicopter under glass as a memorial. Prada's parents and brother attended the unveiling.

"There's nothing that can make it any easier and there's no words we could say that could make it any easier, but we wanted him to be part of this day," said Kathleen Wiess, of Sikorsky Aircraft.

The helicopter will be displayed at the company's headquarters for one year before being returned to his family or school.

Police expect to release more information on May 19 into the accident that killed the teen.