STRATFORD - Sikorsky workers in the Stratford area are wondering if their jobs are in jeopardy.

Dozens of smaller companies rely on Sikorksy Aircraft to stay afloat. Some workers in Stratford are nervous about Monday's announcement that defense giant Lockheed Martin is buying Sikorsky for $9 billion.

Aviation industry analysts think most workers have little to worry about.

"The production line jobs are going to be safe, for the most part. In management, there could be some redundancies," says Aviation Industry Analyst Douglas Royce.

Royce expects few objections from the Pentagon, but Connecticut's two senators are promising to intervene if Lockheed tries to move operations.

"This merger, because it's so big, is going to need federal approval," says Sen. Chris Murphy. "The Department of Justice is going to have to weigh in, so that means we are going to have the ability to review it and make recommendations."