NORWALK - Residents who live in south Norwalk told city zoning officials Wednesday night they want an industrial company out of their neighborhood.

Neighbors who are part of a group called South Norwalk Citizens for Justice say that AMEC's Carting Yard, located off Hemlock Place, should not be located near where people live.

They say the company continues to operate even though it has received several zoning violations and cease-and-desist orders dating back three years.

People who live in that area say the business has caused health, safety and noise issues for the community.

"We're just sick of it because we're surrounded by all types of construction yards and everything and it's not good for the kids," says Ernest Dumas, of Norwalk. "The air that they breathe and everything, the older people that are here. Some seniors are getting sick of the noise."

An attorney for the company says hazardous materials and municipal waste is not stored on the site.

"C&D material is different from municipal solid waste," says Chris Smith. "Municipal solid waste is your typical garbage out of your kitchen."

Smith also says AMEC is not responsible for the noise people say they hear.

"People were seeing trucks that were colored green and white," he says. "AMEC's trucks are red and it's pretty clear it couldn't have been any of their trucks."

AMEC's attorney tells News 12 the company has always been allowed to operate in south Norwalk.

Smith presented a zoning amendment for commissioners to approve, which would ensure the company can continue to operate there.

Planning commissioners said they expected to vote on AMEC's future at Wednesday's meeting.