NEW CANAAN - Motorists in southwestern Connecticut say the increase in gas prices is having a major impact on their daily routine, from their work commute to the basic quality of their lives.

The average price for self-serve regular in Connecticut was at $3.87 a gallon today, which is up 4 cents from last week, 19 cents higher than last month, and 51 cents more than this time last year.

The rising prices have had a major impact on the household of Liz Keogh, of New Canaan. Although Keogh has an MBA, she has temporarily traded in her white-collar job for the role of homemaker. She also swapped her Lexus SUV for a Honda minivan.

Keogh's husband works in New York City and will soon begin taking the train instead of using his car in an effort to save on gas.

"It's going to mean probably almost 45 minutes to an hour less of him at home with the kids, so it's frustrating," Keogh says.

Keogh believes that oil companies are deliberately undermining the stability of the market to increase their profits, and she is not holding out hope that gas prices will fall anytime soon.

"It's frustrating because it's out of our control," she says.