NORWALK - Hundreds of local spinning instructors, fitness enthusiasts and breast cancer survivors came together in Norwalk to pedal their way toward a cure for cancer Sunday.

Spin Odyssey is the longest-running and biggest spinning fundraiser in the country. In the 10 years it has operated, the fundraiser has brought in more that $2 million for the American Cancer Society.

"I'm a breast cancer survivor - these people inspire me," says Terri Polley.

Polley was diagnosed in 2005, but she's riding stronger than ever for a cure at the 10th anniversary of Spin Odyssey in Norwalk.

The ride isn't easy, spinners say - especially after six hours, but they all believe that their efforts are a small price to pay.

Every cent of the funds raised goes toward funding breast cancer research, including trials at Whittingham Cancer Center at Norwalk Hospital.