STAMFORD - Stamford police introduced a new tip line Friday in an effort to get illegal guns off the city’s streets.

As an incentive, a $1,000 reward is being offered for tips that lead to an arrest. Lesser rewards are also being offered.

The new tip line comes in the wake of a spike in gun violence in Stamford this summer. But police say weapons are just part of the problem, and that is why they're also bringing back programs for at-risk teens.

"We've done this in the past; it has worked.  Unfortunately, the funding went aside. We're back with a vengeance at this point,” says Michael Hyman, of the DOMAS Community Center.

Posters regarding the tip line will soon be posted all over Stamford.

The number for the tip line is 203-977-8477 and it will accept calls 24 hours a day. Officials say it is completely anonymous, and only a code number will be assigned to the tipper.