STAMFORD - Taxi drivers at the Stamford train station temporarily went on strike Tuesday morning as cabbies seek a change to a rule mandating that they stay close to their cars, even on hot days.

Drivers say they want a change to the operating procedure that doesn't allow drivers to stray far away while waiting for customers. The work stoppage left commuters searching for rides as cab drivers from four cab companies spent the morning rush hour on strike.

The taxi drivers would rather sit in a shady area across the street, but a rule in the operating procedures won't allow it.

"They want you to stay in your car when it's 80 degrees, they don't want you to go somewhere and stay until the people [are] coming, that's why we're on strike," says Phayo Louis, a striking taxi driver.

One cab company owner suggests that the DOT set up a tent or canopy to keep drivers out of the sun.

Department of Transportation officials will meet Wednesday to discuss a solution.