STAMFORD - Stamford police say three people were hospitalized after a car accident early Saturday morning.

Authorities say the driver of a silver car was speeding when it hit another car at the intersection of East Main Street and Blachley Road. According to police, the silver car flipped over several times following the impact.

The accident happened in front of a busy McDonald?s, which residents say is a popular weekend hangout for local teens.

"That car went airborne and rolled over,? says Lt. Sean Cooney, of the Stamford Police Department. ?If it happened maybe another 100 feet further up, it could have ended up in the parking lot and we could have had a lot of innocent bystanders perhaps killed."

Police say the driver of the speeding car was taken to Stamford Hospital and is listed in stable condition. The two people in the other car were treated for minor injuries and released.