STAMFORD - The Church of Christ in Stamford held its annual blood drive Saturday to help wane the blood shortage in the state.

A spokesman for the Red Cross says the state has a shortage of 250 blood donations. They say each donation can help save three lives.

Debbie Paul is a co-minister at the Church of Christ in Stamford. "There are so many people who are regular givers," says Paul. "Every 90 days they give again. I stand in awe."

Federal guidelines ban certain groups from donating blood, including men who had sex with another man within a year.

Red Cross spokesperson Beth Toll says while some people can't donate, they can still help.

"Maybe you want to volunteer at blood drive and encourage other people to donate. Maybe you want to volunteer at disasters," says Toll.

Officials say they especially need Type O-negative blood - the universal blood type that is used during emergencies.