STAMFORD - A Stamford couple who was at Los Angeles International Airport during Friday's fatal shooting spoke to News 12 Connecticut about the frightening ordeal.

Regina and Michael Kirshbaum say they are still badly shaken by their close call, but are grateful for the kindness of the police officers who came to their rescue.

They were inside a restaurant and able to find shelter on the floor behind metal booths. They took photographs from the restaurant during the eight-hour lockdown that captured the tense mood as security agents drew their weapons.

The couple says that after the gunman opened fire, the wave of panic inside the airport was unforgettable.

The Kirshbaums own a women's accessory store in Stamford and were coming back from a visit to their California branch when the shooting occurred.

Police say a New Jersey native, identified as Paul Ciancia, opened fire at the airport’s Terminal 3 on Friday. A TSA agent was killed and two others were injured, and the incident snarled air travel around the country for hours. Ciancia was wounded by officers and is facing federal charges.