STAMFORD - A Stamford elementary school custodian saved a 10-year-old boy's life earlier this week after the child suffered a heart attack.

Gerard Sangermano says he noticed Isaiah Walden-Butler lying in the grass on Hart Elementary School's playground Monday. The custodian began CPR after finding the child unresponsive.

"I tried to identify him with his name ? I didn't get any response," says Sangermano. "I checked for a pulse, I checked for breathing."

Butler was born with heart muscles too thick, blocking blood that tries to flow out with each beat. The heart attack was a result of becoming overly exerted.

Sangermano and the school nurse were able to restore Butler's pulse. The boy was then taken by helicopter from Stamford to Yale-New Haven Hospital where he underwent heart surgery. He is now recovering and is expected to be sent home Saturday.