A Stamford business that services rare, exotic cars is in overdrive this week as it gears up for the Lime Rock Vintage Fall Festival.

This week, more than others, the low-pitched sound of high-end cars is rumbling through Stamford's Shippan section as P1 Motorcars unloads the precious cargo of vehicles that has arrived from all over the country.

"Ferrari, Porsche, Lamborghini, McLaren--we've had a P1 in here recently," says Tommy Passalacqua, who owns P1 Motorcars. "We have some super high-end cars coming down the pike."

Some of the vehicles are valued at as much as $14 million, he says, and you likely won't see them next to you at a stop sign.

"A lot of the collections are very tucked away, and the people that own them--you would never even know sometimes what they have hiding in there," says Passalacqua. "There's a lot of money in the area, and there are some super-rare, high-end cars in the area."

Even after spending 21 years at a local Ferrari dealership before starting his business last year, Passalacqua says working around collectable cars is never routine.

"I was exposed to cars like this, the F40, which were like on my bedroom wall as a poster," says Passalacqua. "And then here I am actually working on it and driving it, which is like a dream come true."

The Lime Rock Vintage Fall Festival starts Thursday and runs through Labor Day weekend.