STAMFORD - Members of a Stamford family say they will rebuild their home after a fire destroyed the house Sunday afternoon.

Jackie Kaiko says that her family and friends were just about to sit down to Easter dinner when the sound of something hitting the roof caught everyone's attention.

"My husband went out and saw flames, and realized that there was a good fire going," says Kaiko.

The family gathered up a few possessions and fled the house. Firefighters tried to save the home, which was built during the Civil War, but they couldn't do so before the entire second floor was completely destroyed. Fire officials say the blaze started in the attic, but they are still investigating the exact cause.

Now, the Kaikos are trying to pick up the pieces and move forward.

"We want to get it back into livable shape," says Kaiko. "And I don't think it's to a point where it needs to be totally demolished, but?we're going to see."

On a positive note, the second of two family cats was found safe Monday after spending the night in the home alone.

The family has lived in the house since 2001 after living across the street for 17 years.