STAMFORD - The Stamford man charged with the death of his mother appeared in court today.

Anthony Fiordelisi stood without an expression on his face today before the judge.

The alleged murder happened last night on Sylvan Knoll in the Cove section of the city.

When police arrived at the Fiordelisi home, they found Marion Fiordelisi dead in her bed, and her son with his wrists slashed.

Fiordelisi allegedly gave his mother a large amount of pills in an attempt to end her life. Police say he also tried to commit suicide by taking pills.However, Fiordelisi woke up the next morning.

When he realized he was still alive, police say he wanted to make sure his mother did not see him dead, so he slashed her wrists.

Police say Fiordelisi says he had been depressed since he was caring for his bedridden mother.

He was ordered to undergo a psychiatric evaluation and is being held on $500,000 bond. Stamford man to be charged with killing elderly mother