STAMFORD - While many spend their retirement taking up golf or traveling the world, one Stamford man is spending his golden years in the city's forgotten cemeteries.

Former city historian Richard Roberts has made it his mission to document every headstone in the city. He says he wants to preserve memories.

?It's a curiosity who were these people, where are they, where are they from, what did they do?? says Roberts.

Roberts says his obsession started when his children asked him about their background and he decided to create his own family tree. And through the dead, he says he's learned a lot about the past.

?This one cemetery where almost the entire family was wiped out, during a three-month period during the winter ? and wondered could I have survived the same situation ?,? says Roberts.

Roberts says while those he?s visited seemed to have welcomed in heaven, for him, it's all about the journey.