STAMFORD - Stamford Mayor Dan Malloy is fighting for cities like his to receive money as part of the stimulus package being drafted by the U.S. Congress.

Malloy and other members of the U.S. Conference of Mayors were in Washington, D.C. Monday meeting with Congressional leaders about the best way to proceed on the city level. Each mayor crafted a wish list of projects that could be completed within two years, if they receive money for them.

Malloy?s list totaled more than $506 million and included more than 75 projects like the second phase of the urban transit way, school construction as well as upgrades and improvements to parks, streets and sewers.

?Those are projects we believe we could move to construction in a 30-day to 18-month time frame,? Malloy says. ?If they say they want money being spent within six months, we have a whole bunch of those projects that could move that rapidly.?

Malloy says Congress is expected to reach a consensus on a stimulus package by Dec. 17, so members can vote in early January.

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