STAMFORD - A Stamford judge approved a request Wednesday for Mayor Dan Malloy?s son to enter an accelerated rehabilitation program, giving the younger Malloy an opportunity to have his record wiped clean.

Ben Malloy, 19, was arrested in November after police said they found 34 bags of marijuana in a car he was riding in. He was charged with possession of drugs with intent to sell.

When they searched Malloy?s bedroom, authorities said they found half an ounce of marijuana, less than an ounce of cocaine, drug paraphernalia and a bottle of vodka stuffed in a jacket pocket.

Since the incident, Malloy?s lawyer has been working hard to get his client into the accelerated program. His efforts paid off with Judge Robert Malone?s decision.

To any citizens who feel that Malloy got a better-than-average deal since he is the mayor ?s son, Malone said, ?This court does not discriminate.? Malone also made it clear that this is Malloy?s one and only chance to erase his criminal record.

The mayor also commented on questions about his son?s deal.

?The reality is that the program exists and was granted because of the hard work [Ben has] already done, and quite frankly [he] has a lot of hard work left to do ? We?re grateful that the state of Connecticut has such a program,? the mayor said.

As part of the program, Malloy will have to undergo psychological evaluations, attend alcoholics anonymous meetings for five years and either work or go to school full-time upon completion.

The judge has given Malloy two years to complete the accelerated rehabilitation program.

Stamford mayor's son hopes for clean slate